What motivates to be an entrepreneur?

When starting their own businesses, entrepreneurs don't feel motivated by what you might think. The main reason most people want to become their own boss is the freedom, satisfaction and flexibility it offers them. Entrepreneurs need to embrace new technology and use it to their advantage to continue growing their startups. The desire for control drives many entrepreneurs who aspire to achieve a leadership position.

When you are the head of your own organization, you can make all the decisions, from who is hired and with what salary, to what new strategic directions your business is heading. Workers tired of the poor performance of their previous companies, or those who work with an inept CEO, could be especially motivated by this factor. Once rooted in a business, entrepreneurs have full control over all decisions made within them. The other side is, of course, the additional stress and pressure that accompanies that responsibility.

You'll have the privilege of setting the course of your business, but if that path fails, you'll just have to blame yourself. Some entrepreneurs aren't as interested in money or experience as they are about a lasting legacy. They may want to become the image of a brand and earn the taste of fame along the way. They might want to leave something that appreciates them.

They may even want to move the business to a future generation. The point is that they want to create something meaningful that lasts longer than them. This motivation is one of the strongest for entrepreneurs, because it cannot be achieved in any other application, and it lasts much longer than money or experience. Either way, as an entrepreneur, it's easy to lose motivation.

The key is not to give up and find ways you can get up on those longer, more exhausting days. To help you out, I've highlighted 10 ways you can stay motivated as an entrepreneur. The best way to motivate yourself in the long term is to create a routine. Studies say that it takes an average person between 18 and 254 days to form a new habit, and 66 days for a new behavior to become automatic.

Create a routine to stay on track: if you keep it long enough, you may be automatically motivated to work without having to think twice. On the surface, it seems like a direct desire, but the reality is that there are many different potential motivations for getting involved in the world of entrepreneurship. The key to staying motivated as an entrepreneur is to remember why you embarked on your journey in the first place. Thousands of anonymous contributors to Wikipedia and other open source platforms such as Linux are motivated by the internal satisfaction they gain from sharing their knowledge.

One way to achieve goals and stay motivated is to understand your work habits and create a realistic process that matches them. The entrepreneurs surveyed were motivated mainly by the desire to create something new, the desire for autonomy, wealth and financial independence, the achievement of personal goals and the propensity to action (“do”). Specifically, the “Read with Entrepreneurs” book club is where entrepreneurs from various industries gather to talk to their peers about inspiring and motivating books they have read. They can also engage in some motivating peer pressure by challenging each other with various tasks.

The main message here is not to hide your true motivation from yourself, your team or your investors. Recognizing and understanding these motivations is essential if you want to be a successful business owner. It makes a convincing argument that the best leaders and entrepreneurs follow their intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivations. It may not seem important, but your physical health can play an important role in your motivation to move forward.

One of the biggest motivations for becoming an entrepreneur is the unlimited earning potential here; with the right time and the right idea, you can create wealth that is simply not possible with a traditional career (of course, it's not that easy). Whether it's on your computer, on a piece of paper or on your phone, keep them handy so you can read them whenever you feel you've lost your motivation. If you can't find any intrinsic motivation for what you're doing now, it's probably time to take a closer look at your lifestyle and future. .