What motivates entrepreneurs during the down times?

Flexibility, control and legacy are common business motivations. Being in the right mental space helps you maintain your business motivation when challenges arise. A positive attitude, meditation and a strong support system can help you maintain your enthusiasm for running your business. Either way, as an entrepreneur, it's easy to lose motivation.

The key is not to give up and find ways you can get up on those longer and more exhausting days. To help you out, I've highlighted 10 ways you can stay motivated as an entrepreneur. Motivation comes in countless different forms and, in the business world, you need to stay motivated to succeed. Here are seven tips for staying motivated in the business world.

Maybe it's just me, but when I can finish 3-5 tasks in one day and that list seems less overwhelming the next day, I suddenly get energized again. Dave Hermansen, CEO of Store Coach So what I do to overcome these downtimes is to commit to a process rather than an outcome. What I mean by that is that, instead of letting the prospect of achieving “wins” motivate me like closing a sale, I commit to finishing a certain number of tasks that day, such as sending 10 cold emails. This has helped me tremendously over the years, because while during downtimes everything is bleak and it's very hard to see success, but it's pretty easy to get me to send 10 emails.

I get a “reward” from my brain for finishing these tasks, I call it a day to relax and be distracted by other things in my life. Even on the worst days I commit to finishing at least one task and, over time, the effect of finishing these tasks adds up to significant results. In my experience mentoring new entrepreneurs and aspiring business leaders, I see too many who seem to be driven by the wrong reasons. Many believe that it is worth missing a good night's sleep, but the truth is that a lack of sleep can lead to a lack of concentration and motivation.

If that's the case, find a mission that intersects and you'll rediscover your entrepreneurial motivation. Without a good support network of like-minded people you can lean on, inspire or find your way around when times get tough (and they will), it's very easy to get demotivated. Receiving feedback from customers that let you know that you have really improved their lives is what keeps me motivated and active. In your spare time, you can watch inspiring movies, both fiction and documentaries, listen to motivating podcasts or even listen to music that you find inspiring.

The dedication and motivation that comes from exercise is transferred to entrepreneurship, so don't skip that training. When times are tough and entrepreneurs face adversity, it's crucial to focus on what brings you closer to your mission. That is what keeps them active when times get tough — discipline, not motivation — and it is in those moments when they strive and strive that they will later find their motivation. Even though my client was still doomed, I found a way to go deeper and get the motivation and inspiration through his story and his life and working for someone else.

Entrepreneurs never look back with regret; instead, they see every mistake as a lesson. It is a great tool to motivate entrepreneurs because it keeps them alert when their skills are needed in other places. When you surround yourself with positive and energetic people, it not only stimulates you mentally, but it can help restore your motivation for the better. I recently did a survey of a group of entrepreneurs and business owners, asking them to provide their best advice for staying motivated when travel becomes difficult.

What motivates me during this period is to think about how my hard work will eventually pay off, even if the reward is not immediate. .