How many people use wordpress in the world?

More than 400 million people visit wordpress websites every month. There are more than 50, 000 plugins available to improve your Wordpress website. WordPress is available in 57 different languages, making it a truly global platform. More than 409 million people view more than 20 billion pages every month.

At least 409 people view more than 15.5 billion WordPress pages every month, and users publish 41.7 new posts month after month. You can only imagine how many people use WordPress, depending on your definition of using WordPress. The plugins extend the basic functionality of the WordPress CMS to help users customize it to their unique needs. Very few things have altered the digital marketing scene as much as WordPress has in the past decade.

In tune with the fantasy of WordPress jazz music, Hello Dolly generates random quotes from the legendary Louis Armstrong piece of the same name. The most common WordPress malware infections are backdoors, automatic downloads, pharmaceutical hacks, malicious redirects, and stolen passwords. Drupal is coming up with 39,000 plugins or modules, but WordPress continues to offer the most options and the most ways to use them. However, while the UK could be expected to be in second place, Iran ranks that spot with 345,878 WordPress sites.

A quick look at the WordPress translation website shows that out of a total of 180 localizations identified by the WordPress team, it is available with 100% functionality in 57 languages. WordPress also reaches more people than any other CMS or web hosting provider, and users create more than 70 million new posts every month. WordPress's market share growth has remained constant for the past eight years, making it the fastest-growing CMS host available. Proof of this claim is the number of WordPress sites reaching almost 25 million, and the 318,828 WordPress sites in the top million list.

WordPress user statistics suggest that the new updates cover most of the bugs found in previous versions, greatly increasing user security. The Google Trends report reveals that there are more than 2.9 million searches for the term “WordPress” every month. Keep reading for the latest statistics on the market share of WordPress compared to other CMS and the entire Internet. Above all, WordPress is flexible and versatile, which means that it adapts to many types of people and the websites they create.

The WordPress community is generally known as helpful and friendly, with many people contributing to software updates and getting involved in organizing free events to help people learn more about how to use WordPress. So, before we determine what part of all the websites in the world work with the help of WordPress, let's first look at who wins the popularity contest among website building solutions.